Polished Concrete Coatings for residential and commercial spaces in Washington, DC

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Polished concrete and resinous coatings for concrete floors are extremely popular in Washington, DC. Polished concrete floors can be installed by grinding and polishing an existing slab or pouring a polishable concrete topping like Param 6000 and subsequently polishing it. Sometimes, polished concrete with greater performance characteristics can be achieved by installing concrete overlays that can integrally colored and protected with clear epoxy and polyurethane topcoats. Concrete is no longer plain gray! Color powders, known as integral colors, can be added to the concrete so that the finished floor takes on the hue. The finished color of your Washington, DC, polished concrete could be anything from an eggshell white to a deep, mysterious black or purple. There’s no limit to what polished concrete can do!

University athletic facilities. Airplane hangers. Machine shops. Distribution and warehouse facilities. Food manufacturing facilities. Pharmaceutical companies. Public spaces. These are all applications of resinous flooring systems in the Washington, DC, area.

Resinous flooring works well for these and other uses because it is versatile. Once installed, it is seamless, which means it can stretch the entire length of any size building. It is monolithic, which means it is poured all at once.

Resinous flooring like epoxy coatings or polyurethane screeds or MMA resin based flooring have advantages to other flooring including resistance to attacks from chemicals. Resinous flooring is impact-resistant and withstands extreme heat and cold. Barriers can be added to resinous flooring systems that protect it from moisture and water vapor, which is an important industrial coating benefit in a place such as Washington, DC, where it is humid and wet much of the year. Metallic epoxy coatings are highly popular in residential and commercial spaces.

High Build Epoxy Systems include an epoxy body coat as well as a polyurethane or polyaspartic protective topcoat. The topcoat is durable and low-maintenance, stain-resistant and UV-light resistant. In high traffic areas which have high fork lift traffic as well require a troweled epoxy of polyurethane mortar systems. These are best for industrial settings that receive a large amount of traffic and potential for wear and tear. All of these options provide slip-resistant surfaces and protection from heavy traffic such as forklifts, airplanes or delivery trucks. All of the resinous flooring systems available in Washington, DC, go on fast, return to use quickly and are low-odor during installation.

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