Designer Epoxy Flooring Inspirational Video Series

Creative Techniques for Designer Epoxy Concrete Floors

Designer epoxy coatings offer the ultimate in beauty and creative options for concrete flooring. The number of colors available through mixing pigments and the myriad of techniques used to creatively apply a designer coating are vast. Newbies can often be intimidated by all the options.

This inspirational video series exists to give you the basic knowledge and skills to create killer looking flooring for all types of applications. From residential and retail spaces to entertainment venues and more, Bob Harris shares with you some basic color palettes and application techniques to create stunning, contemporary floor treatments.

With time and practice you will be able to build upon the techniques shown in these videos and develop your own creative techniques to create custom flooring with your own signature style.

If you're planning to install designer epoxy flooring and have never done so before, it is strongly recommended that you also watch our How to Video Series on Installing Designer Epoxy Coatings.

Designer Epoxy Flooring Inspiration for Every Project

Video 1: Colors and techniques that work well for garage and basement flooring.

Video 2: Popular color choices and application techniques for rental properties, retail stores, museums and the like.

Video 3: Get wild. Hair salons, tattoo parlors and daycare centers generally require more creative approaches for their flooring.

Video 4: Sleek modern flooring for art galleries, clothing stores and office spaces.

Video 5: Colorful and modern designs that compliment the atmosphere of restaurants, bars, night clubs and other entertainment venues.