3 Great Flooring Options for Automotive Dealer Showrooms

The 3 great flooring options for Automotive Dealer Showrooms are polishable concrete overlays, metallic epoxy coatings and seamless self-leveling epoxy coatings.

Imagine an auto dealer offering new high-end cars displayed in a showroom with a of cracked, chipped or plain-jane grey concrete floor? It just wouldn’t send the right message. A car is one of the most expensive purchases most people will make. Likewise the automotive showroom the one of the most important marketing assets of any automotive dealer. The perceived value for auto consumers is about staff expertise and courtesy, and how the cars appear in the showroom.

The beauty of a showroom floor is proportionate to the perceived quality and luxury of the automobiles. Polished concrete flooring products like Param 6000, seamless resinous floor coatings like Lumiere Metallic Epoxy, or self-leveling epoxy coatings like Perdure SLE are popular options for automotive dealer showrooms. Their deep, high-shine finish helps create a luxury look & feel. Comparing polished concrete to other flooring options like tile or VCT; polished concrete is tougher, easier to maintain, and the most beautiful flooring option available.

Requirements for automotive showroom flooring include excellent wear resistance and ease of maintenance as cars are moved and driven daily over the flooring. Ongoing flooring maintenance like waxing or buffing are not options. Fortunately polished concrete requires little more than a dust mop to maintain.

Tile flooring is not recommend for a clean, long-lasting, durable floor because grout lines absorb bacteria, dirt and stains from tires and foot traffic. Being hot-tire-pickup and impact resistant, a polished concrete showroom floor is engineered to last. Polished concrete withstands the weight of automobiles, and the caustic effects of fuel, oil, and chemicals spills of any kind.

For staff and customer safety, slip-resistance may also be a flooring requirement for defined areas in many showrooms. It's easy to easy to add slip-resistant qualities to any of Duraamen’s polished concrete products.

When it comes to colors, the sky’s the limit. almost infinite distinct options are available for any of Duraamen’s flooring products. Color can differentiate between the service areas, public areas, employee areas, and meeting rooms where the deals are closed. Colors can even be matched to your company’s brand, making the shopping experience more memorable.

With Duraamen products, you can be assured your automotive dealer showroom floor will be durable, beautiful, and cost effective with a quick return to service.

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Param 6000 is Portland cement based, high strength, fast setting, self-leveling concrete which accepts integral colors, chemical (acid) stains, dyes and polishing. It provides an excellent canvas for a decorative polished concrete floor. Param 6000 can be installed from 1/4” to 1-1/2” in a single application and up to 5” after blending with aggregates. It is ready for traffic 3-4 hours of its installation.

Download the Param 6000 diagram

Lumiere is a premium quality reflector designer epoxy flooring system that combines the strength and durability characteristics of industrial coatings with the reflective high-shine properties of a premium polished concrete floor. The Lumiere flooring system utilizes metal particulates for coloring. As such Lumiere provides stunning visual effects that are impossible using traditional floor coatings or concrete methods. Lumiere designer epoxy flooring is often used in prestige applications to add value.

Download the Lumiere diagram

Perdüre SLE (self-leveling epoxy) consists of 100% solid epoxy and selectively graded aggregates to produce a seamless flooring solution ideally suited for polished concrete flooring applications. Perdure SLE is designed to restore and replace eroded concrete floors. When sealed, Perdüre SLE produces a dense surface that eliminates dirt and chemical penetration. The chemical resistance and overall performance of Perdüre SLE can be increased by using the appropriate top coat.

Download the Perdure SLE diagram.

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