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industrial coatings and polished concrete flooring systems

Video Gallery

Welcome to Duraamen’s decorative and industrial concrete flooring training video series.

These comprehensive instructional how-to videos will teach you the latest techniques for preparing concrete substrates, and installing concrete flooring products. Created for beginners and seasoned veterans alike, each series is divided into multiple episodes to make it easy to find or review a particular technique.

Hosted by Bob Harris, each video is patterned after his concrete flooring workshop. Bob is renown in the concrete flooring industry for his many achievements, which include the development of multiple products and creative techniques. He is founder and President of the Decorative Concrete Institute (DCI) in Temple Georgia.

The following decorative and industrial concrete flooring topics are covered in these series:

Concrete Surface Preparation:
From buffing and etching to diamond grinding and shot-blasting, you’ll learn preparation techniques that will help provide an outstanding result no matter what kind of flooring you’re installing.

Polishing Self-Leveling Concrete:
Tips and tricks for dying and polishing a decorative or industrial self-leveling concrete overlay.

Self-leveling Concrete Overlay:
Learn how to install a self-leveling concrete overlay and use water-based dyes to create a dynamic floor design featuring organic shapes.

Designer Epoxy Coating Systems:
Choosing and blending colors to create a beautiful high-shine decorative floor using an epoxy floor coating.

Concrete Overlays / Microtoppings:
Installing a concrete microtopping with a custom stencil design can be a complex process. Build your confidence by learning the step-by-step process of applying, etching, sanding, staining and finishing a custom decorative concrete flooring project.

Resurfacing Pool Decks, Driveways and Patios:
Walk- through the process of creating an exterior decorative concrete floor design, using a microtopping, stencil and dyes.

Decorative Quartz Flooring Systems:
Learn techniques for preparing and installing a stunning seamless quartz floor. Techniques learned are broadcasting and sealing a quartz floor.

Stampable Concrete Overlays:
Expert techniques for use of a stamp mat and dye to create a natural stone look.

Self-leveling Epoxy:
Learn how to mix and apply self-leveling epoxy coatings to create a seamless industrial concrete floor.

Urethane Concrete:
Learn techniques for mixing and trowelling urethane concrete overlays for industrial flooring projects.

Resin Chip Flooring Systems:
Epoxy body coat mixing and application techniques, as well as techniques for broadcasting color chips.