Tek Gel

gelled hydrochloric acid

Tek Gel is gelled hydrochloric (muriatic) acid used to clean and induce surface profile on concrete surfaces. Of all the cleaning and profiling methods, Tek Gel profiling is one of the safest, environmentally friendly and least expensive methods. Tek Gel will remove rust, mold, mildew, efflorescence and calcium build up, grease and oil, toxic material (i.e., PCBs, blood, animal/human waste), grease and oil. At the same time, it will profile and open up the concrete surface.

Tek Gel is available in three different concentrations
tek gel hd24
most aggressive with 24% gelled hydrochloric acid
  • Used when 80-100 grit sand paper profile is desired
    (application of 100% solids coatings not more than 20 mil thick)
  • Used when chemical stains (acid stains...Patinaétch) are NOT the coloring system

  • Ready and easy to use / predictable results
  • Single step cleaning and profiling
  • Can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Very minimal fumes – non-flammable
  • Generate no silica dust or noise pollution
  • Can be neutralized with just water
  • No special disposing required (can be flushed into common sewer)
  • Zero VOC
Gelled Acid Formula: Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) 16-25% Flammability Non-flammable
Color Yellow/Red/Opaque Flash Point >2000C
Oder Pungent Freeze/thaw No effect. Store between 380-1000F
pH +/- 1 Coverage 200-400ft2/gal
Solubility Infinite in water
Typical Applications
  • Tilt Ups – these are typically poured into a form on-site and allowed to cure before removing them from the form. A releasing agent is sprayed into the form before the cement is poured which allows the walls to be released from the form and tilted up into position. This releasing agent is petroleum based and can take up to 45 days to “air burn” off.
    Solution: Tek Gel will etch this petroleum based product off and profile the concrete in one step making the wall ready for coating applications up to 45 days earlier.
  • Machine trowelled concrete – A machine trowelled concrete surface is so “tight” that protective and decorative coatings do not exhibit a strong bond to the substrate.
    Solution: Tek Gel uniformly opens up the machine trowelled surface without generating any silica dust, noise pollution (e.g., from sand blasting) or the problems associated with liquid acid. The gelled acid consistently allows the applicator precision placement even into the zero moments, e.g., corners, around columns, etc. Tek Gel is neutralized with water and flushed into domestic sewer without any further treatment.
  • Decorative etching (new or existing concrete) – Tek Gel when used along with Flattoos (Stencils) is an excellent alternative method of placing graphics into concrete via sandblasting the stencils. Usually small details are often lost during sand blasting stencils. Moreover, it is extremely messy and noisy and the cut lines become traps for debris. Tek Gel is “etched” into the Flattoo (Stencil), generating no silica dust and no cut lines to clean or grout. There are no size or detail restrictions to stencils used with Tek Gel.

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