Sprayable Polished Concrete Flooring

Reduce the cost and installation time ofpolished concrete floor projects.

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Image of the Terrazzi polished concrete floor sprayer.
Image of cementious products that are part of the Terrazzi Sprayable Concrete Sytem

The innovation of polished concrete floor installation.

Our Terrazzi Spayable Polished Concrete Floor System is a truly innovative technology that virtually eliminates poor results, and reduces the costs and installation time of polished concrete floor projects.

Spraying a polishable concrete overlay results in an ultra-smooth, super-fine surface. This technique eliminates many of the installation problems and difficulties associated with handtool installation.

Simplified installation. Less grinding.

Surface Preparation

  • If the floor is uneven, apply a self-leveling underlayment like Param 4500. If the substrate is in good condition and somewhat leveled, skip this step.
  • Apply two (2) coats of CP1000, acrylic primer.
  • Spray Arapido micro-cement using a Terrazzi Sprayer.
  • Broadcast Cast-on as per your desired appearance.
  • Allow Arapido to cure for 24 hours. Polish the surface the next day using a floor buffing machine using a white pad, and 100 or 120 grit honeycomb resin pads.
  • Apply a water-based epoxy primer like Perdure E32.
  • Apply your choice of topcoat. Perdure U45, U46, or P72 are recommended.

A complete polished concrete system engineered from the floor up.

Terrazzi Sprayer

The Terrazzi Sprayer is an airless pump specifically conceived and developed for spraying polishable concrete microcements. It was designed in conjunction with our Arapido polishable concrete microcement. This innovative application process results in the quick and inexpensive installation of polished concrete floors.


Arapido is a sprayable, Portland cement-based microcement (also called a concrete microtopping). It was specially formulated for use with our Terrazzi Sprayer as part of our Terrazzi Sprayable Polished Concrete Floor System. It can be used on horizontal and vertical, and interior and exterior surfaces. It may be integrally colored and readily accepts concrete dyes and stains.


Cast On is a blend of finely graded aggregates and natural minerals specific to the Terrazzi Sprayable Polished Concrete System. It's meant to be broadcasted on freshly sprayed Arapido. Cast-on creates a marbleized and creamy salt and pepper concrete look. Cast-on may be blended with Colorfast colors. This creates unlimited coloring possibilities from natural shades to more colorful creations. Cast-on may also be used as an add anti-slip additive.

Choice of Sealer

  • Perdure U45matte finish, two-component, water-based, non-yellowing aliphatic polyurethane topcoat.
  • Perdure U46gloss finish, two-component, water-based, non-yellowing aliphatic polyurethane topcoat.
  • Perdure U90satin or gloss, chemical resistant, two-component, moisture-cured, aliphatic polyurethane topcoat.
Image of the products that make up the Terrazzi Sprayable Polished Concrete Floor System