Self-leveling Epoxy Floor Coating Kits

Concrete Substrates

An all-in-one durable, reliable, seamless epoxy floor coating solution

Duraamen's self-leveling epoxy coating floor kit for concrete substrates is a seamless, low maintenance, epoxy system that results in a dense, non-porous floor. It's ideal for light to medium traffic areas. This self-leveling epoxy system can be top-coated with polyurethane or polyaspartic polyurea coatings to enhance abrasion resistance, gloss retention, and chemical resistant properties. Additionally, a non-skid additive can be purchased separately giving the floor non-slip properties.


Anywhere in the Continental U.S.A.

Self-leveling Epoxy Floor Coating Kit for Concrete Substrates from Duraamen

Our self-leveling epoxy floor coating kits are characterized as durable general-purpose floor coatings with good clarity and color retention. They can be used in medium to high traffic areas and are very low-maintenance. Advantages of this system include but are not limited to:

  • Excellent color retention
  • Low odor for use in occupied areas (Zero to Very Low VOC)
  • USDA approved for food handling applications
  • High wear, impact and abrasion resistance
  • Very low maintenance
  • Safe (slip-resistant finish)
  • Designed for Chemical Resistant
  • Various protective topcoats available
Choose your topcoat.
  • Perdure U45 (matte polyurethane)
  • Perdure U46 (gloss polyurethane)
  • Perdure P72 (gloss polyaspartic, chemical resistance)
SL Epoxy Coating for Concrete 250sq.ft Kit

Perdure E02: 1.5 gal
Perdure E10:
5.0 gal
Self-leveling Additive:
1 bag
Epoxy Pigment Pack: 2 packs
Choose Topcoat
: Perdure U45 / U46 / P72

SL Epoxy Coating for Concrete 500sq.ft Kit

Perdure E02: 3.0 gal
Perdure E10:
10.0 gal
Self-leveling Additive:
2 bag
Epoxy Pigment Pack: 4 packs
Choose Topcoat
: Perdure U45 / U46 / P72

SL Epoxy Coating for Concrete 750sq.ft Kit

Perdure E02: 4.5 gal
Perdure E10:
15.0 gal
Self-leveling Additive:
3 bag
Epoxy Pigment Pack: 6 packs
Choose Topcoat
: Perdure U45 / U46 / P72

SL Epoxy Coating for Concrete 1000sq.ft Kit

Perdure E02: 6.0 gal
Perdure E10:
20.0 gal
Self-leveling Additive:
4 bag
Epoxy Pigment Pack: 8 packs
Choose Topcoat
: Perdure U45 / U46 / P72

  • gem gray color chip

    gem gray

  • dark gray color chip

    dark gray

  • light gray color chip

    light gray

  • charcoal color chip


  • light blue color chip

    light blue

  • deep blue color chip

    deep blue

  • mocha color chip


  • tan color chip


  • pale buff color chip

    pale buff

  • white sand color chip

    white sand

  • taupe color chip


  • colonial green color chip

    colonial green

  • brick red color chip

    brick red

  • terra cotta color chip

    terra cotta

  • safety yellow color chip

    safety yellow

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