How to Select a Decorative Concrete Coating Contractor

Frequently, selecting a contractor is the determinant in the degree of success obtained with the overall project. It is crucial to examine the history of the contractor firm and its applicators. Ideally, the contractor /applicators would have 5 to 10 years of application experience with the specified type of flooring system.

Consultation and exchange of information between all parties concerned with the building operations should be arranged so that each has full knowledge of the particulars of the flooring work and be able to co-operate in producing the conditions required to complete a satisfactory project.

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Information to be provided to the flooring contractor

All relevant information should be provided in good time to those responsible for installing the flooring and to others whose work could be affected, including whichever of the following are applicable:

  • Description, situation and address of site and means of access
  • Those conditions of contract which could practically affect this particular work
  • Location and area of flooring to be installed
  • Class of surface regularity of the finished flooring
  • Type of damp-proofing and insulation if present
  • Type and thickness of any leveling compound proposed,
    and whether any curing compound is to be applied
  • Type of finish of concrete base
  • Any work consequent upon services passing through the floor
  • Treatment of joints
  • Treatment of channels
  • Treatment of junctions with adjacent floorings and doorway thresholds
  • Any special requirements related to underfloor heating
  • The timing of the introduction of heating in the building
  • Date for the completion of the concrete base to receive the flooring
  • Date for the start and completion of various sections of the floor
  • Details of any compliance testing required
  • Any potential restrictions on working hours
  • Any limitations on installation due to production or other activities

Information to be provided by the flooring contractor

The flooring contractor should provide in good time to those responsible for the building, details of the conditions needed for the installation of the flooring, including whichever of the following are applicable:

  • The extent of weatherproof areas to be provided for storage and mixing of the flooring product and whether any temperature control is necessary
  • Ambient temperature requirements in the area where the flooring is to be installed
  • Power and lighting requirements to facilitate the laying operation
  • Protective screening to isolate the working area from adjacent facilities
  • Minimum time intervals after the flooring is installed before allowing foot traffic, vehicular traffic and water or chemical exposure respectively
  • Protection necessary for the flooring between installation and final handover

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