Resinous Flooring

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Duraamen’s full line of seamless, resinous flooring products are highly engineered for industrial flooring applications.

Our self-leveling epoxy coatings can withstand punishment from high volume industrial and foot traffic. They are an excellent option for resurfacing worn and deteriorating concrete flooring in an industrial setting.

Our urethane modified concrete, or seamless urethane concrete coating, is specifically designed for the harshest environments where not only are industrial traffic and heavy impacts a threat, but thermal shock and hazardous chemical spills are threats to the flooring as well.

Hallways are used and abused by foot traffic so they are always a candidate for resinous flooring from Duraamen. (thumbnail)
Building, hotel, and other lobbies often choose resinous flooring for its toughness due to the high amount of foot traffic. (thumbnail)
Another lobby that chose Duraamen resinous flooring products. (thumbnail)
This pantry has had a self-leveling resinous floor installed. (thumbnail)
Residential living ares benefit from the modern style and easy maintenance of resinous flooring. (thumbnail)
Self-leveling and resinous flooring can also be decorative as shown by the photo of this hallway. (thumbnail)