Cafeteria, Heinen's Grocery, Hudson, OH

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The floor design in this grocery store cafeteria was created using dyes, stains and various creative techniques. The floor was then polished to a high shine and sealed with one of Duraamen’s premium top coats.

This decorative polished concrete floor belongs to Heinen's grocery store in Hudson, OH. (thumbnail)
The cafeteria at this grocer chose a decorative polished concrete floor for its aesthetic value and easy maintenance. (thumbnail)
Heinen's grocer in Hudson, Ohio chose polished concrete flooring for their cafeteria. (thumbnail)
This photo shows the semi gloss sheen of this polished concrete floor. Polished concrete can be polished to any level of gloss. (thumbnail)
Polished concrete is easy to maintain, even with chairs and tables in the way. (thumbnail)
The geometric shapes and warm colors of this cafeteria demonstrate the creative versatility of polished concrete products from Duraamen. (thumbnail)
Decorative polished concrete is seen here for use in a grocery stores cafeteria. (thumbnail)