Bermuda Retail

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The spacious Bermuda Retail space is having a polished concrete floor installed. Polished concrete is easy to maintain, tough and can be colorized. Here Param 6000 self leveling concrete is applied then polished, densified and sealed.

The spacious retail space benefits from having a polished concrete flooring. (thumbnail)
This expansive retail store in Bermuda uses Polished Param 6000 flooring. (thumbnail)
Combining the natural light and polished floors, this space looks huge.  (thumbnail)
The process of laying the polished floors is underway.  (thumbnail)
The plain grey Param 6000 was the perfect color for this industrial looking space. (thumbnail)
A worker is busy applying the concrete densifier.  (thumbnail)
The surface was densified with Hermetix, a colloidal silica based concrete densifier. (thumbnail)