Wine Chateau, Piscataway, NJ

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The Wine Chateau, a wine retail store in Metuchen, NJ, had its floor enhanced with Duraamen products. To create the modern floor design consisting of earth tones and minimalist graphics, Duraamen’s Skraffino concrete microtopping/overlay was sprayed. Spraying our microtopping provides an easier and faster application. The microtopping was integrally colored, and stenciled using Duraamen’s line of concrete colorants. The floor was then sealed with an epoxy top coat, before a final top coat of a matte polyurethane was applied.

The dark colored floor displays this wine store's merchandise flawlessly. (thumbnail)
What better flooring for a wine store than the high end appearance of metallic epoxy. (thumbnail)
The deep copper colored floor of this wine store was created with metallic epoxy flooring. (thumbnail)
This wine store's merchandise shines thanks to Duraamen's Lumiere metallic epoxy flooring. (thumbnail)
Metallic epoxy flooring was the right choice for this high end wine store. (thumbnail)