Office Cafeteria, Cambridge, MA

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To make your employees feel as if they’ve gone to a high-end restaurant at lunch without leaving the building, simply install the Lumiere flooring system in your office building’s cafeteria.

The designer metallic epoxy flooring reflects the spot lighting and stainless steel shelving beautifully. One almost forgets they;re in a cafeteria, more like a high-end buffet.

Employee cafeteria Metallic epoxy flooring.  (thumbnail)
The modern fixtures of this eating area are a great balance to the metallic epoxy floor. (thumbnail)
The employees who use this cafeteria dine in luxury. (thumbnail)
The glossy metallic finish was the perfect choice to highlight this furnished space. (thumbnail)
The high shine of this metallic floor creates a modern and classy feel in this cafeteria.  (thumbnail)
The flooring of this corporate cafeteria uses Lumiere Metallic Epoxy. (thumbnail)