Uberdek by Duraamen is a single component polymer modified concrete formulated to resurface existing outdoor concrete surfaces. Resurfacing exterior concrete is a very cost effective solution compared to concrete replacment.

Uberdek can be applied over horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces that are worn, spalled and distressed. It can be decoratively troweled or broomed depending on the finish you wish to achieve.

Sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, patios, walkways, pool decks and stairs are a few of the areas that can benefit from exterior concrete resurfacing.

Below are photos of a exterior residential areas, including a pool deck, that have been resurfaced with Uberdek exterior concrete resurfacer. The result is renewed surface that accepts foot traffic in as little as 2 hours and rubber tire traffic within 8 hours. It is typically applied with a steel finishing trowel, squeegee, masonry brush for curbs or steps and broom finished.

The area around this pool has been resurfaced with Duraamen's Uberdek, an exterior concrete resurfacing product. (thumbnail)
Patios and exterior stair landings are candidates for concrete resurfacing. (thumbnail)
Another view of the pool area that has newly resurfaced concrete. (thumbnail)
This large concrete patio near the pool has been resurfaced with Uberdek, a concrete resurfacing product from Duraamen. (thumbnail)
Textures and patterns can be created to beautify outdoor concrete surfaces as shown here on this patio. (thumbnail)
This slip resistant concrete walkway around this swimming pool was resurfaced with Uberdek. (thumbnail)
Because Uberdek is slip resistant it is ideal for use around swimming pools and other exterior concrete surfaces that are prone to be wet. (thumbnail)
This concrete was applied by hand to create beautiful patterns.  (thumbnail)
Decorative patio concrete with unique grid-like patterns using Uberdek.  (thumbnail)
Finishing touches by hand to this walkway around the swimming pool.  (thumbnail)
Decorative backyard concrete.  (thumbnail)