Pool Deck with Spray-texture Overlay

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Exterior concrete overlays can come in varied styles. Spray-texture concrete overlay flooring is one such style. A spray-texture overlay was installed on this pool. As you may have guessed, spray-texture overlays are slip resistant which makes them perfect for pool decks and other outdoor areas that are often wet. As decorative as they are functional, spray-texture concrete overlays can have the look of plaster, stone, brick or more.

The spray-texture concrete overlay around this pool deck was installed by ESPJ Construction. Spray-texture overlays are decorative and functional as the texture helps prevent slipping in areas where liquids may be present. ESPJ is based in Linden, New Jersey. (thumbnail)
This is the back side view of the pool deck that has had a spry-textured concrete overlay installed. (thumbnail)
The sitting area of this pool deck has heightened aesthetics thanks to the decorative properties of the spray-texture concrete overlay flooring. (thumbnail)
This close up shows the texture of the flooring around the pool deck. Spray-texture concrete flooring overlays can achieve varied aesthetics depending upon the installation technique. (thumbnail)