Retail Lifestyle Center

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Retail lifestyle centers usually contain vast areas of concrete—walkways, driveways, parkways, small roads, etc. To achieve the high end look most retail establishments demand, exterior decorative concrete overlays are often used. In the photos below you can see the colors and patterns the contractor created using concrete resurfacing products from Duraamen.

Not only do outdoor retail establishments demand beauty from their concrete ares, they demand toughness. The large amount of foot and vehicle traffic driving over these roads and walkways means the overlay applied has to be tough. Duraamen's products are mnore than up to the challenge. They are UV resistant and resist hot tire pickup, abrasions and protect against all foot traffic and some light machinery.

This outdoor lifestyle center features a decorative concrete overlay that was created with Duraamen products. (thumbnail)
Retail lifestyle centers utilize exterior concrete overlays to beautify their outdorr areas, and protect them from massive foot traffic. (thumbnail)