Exterior Surfaces

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Duraamen provides and number of products for exterior concrete use. Exterior concrete resurfacing is a very popular alternative to concrete replacement due to its cost efficiency and design options.

Skraffino and Uberdeck are concrete microtoppings/overlays engineered for exterior use. They provide wear resistance and longevity that exceeds other brands of concrete overlays.

Pasto is a stampable concrete overlay that is equally as durable as our other micro toppings/overlays. Stampable concrete overlays can provide the look of stamped concrete at a fraction of the cost.

All our exterior concrete resurfacing products can be colored integrally, stained and stenciled to achieve nearly any design one may imagine.

Skraffino concrete microtopping overlay was integrally colored to create the beautiful earth and green tones of for this outdoor balcony. (thumbnail)
Stampable concrete overlays can produce many patterns like brick shown here. (thumbnail)
Pool areas are perfect for the application of stampable concrete overlays. (thumbnail)
Residential patios are perfect opportunities to beautify concrete with a decorative exterior concrete overlay from Duraamen. (thumbnail)
This garden walkway is decorated with an organic curve and two shades of gray. It is a concrete overlay from Duraamen. (thumbnail)
Areas where water is present, such as around this fountain, beg for a decorative exterior concrete overlay treatment. (thumbnail)
The beige earth tone colored concrete around this pool completes a high end look. (thumbnail)
Concrete overlays can be colored and shapes or designs applied to add interest to an otherwise ordinary driveway.  (thumbnail)