Veterinary Clinic, Toronto

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Garage floor epoxy coatings aren’t just for garage floors—and that’s a good thing because animals don’t know how to use the restroom. Just one more reason Duraamen provides the Endura Garage Floor Epoxy Coating System.

Aesthetically pleasing, available in a wide range of colors and impervious to liquids like pet urine and disinfectants, the Endura garage floor epoxy system is an ideal choice for veterinary clinics and animal holding facilities.

Hallways as well as animal holding cells and the ER utilize garage floor epoxy coatings in theis veterinary clinic. (thumbnail)
Endura garage floor epoxy coating is used in the corridors as well. (thumbnail)
Animal holding cells make use of resin chip epoxy garage floor coating as it offers easy clean up and protection from chemicals and other liquids. (thumbnail)
The Endura resin chip epoxy coating system was the perfect solution for this animal clinics ER. (thumbnail)
Resin chip poxy coatings flooring is the perfect solution for animal clinics and holding cells. (thumbnail)
Human areas in the veterinary clinic benefit from garage floor epoxy coatings as well. (thumbnail)
This veterinarian treats a cat while standing on a floor that utilizes the Endura Resin Chip Epoxy Coating System. (thumbnail)