Residential Basement

Photo Gallery

Epoxy resin chip systems are a popular choice for home owners wanting to protect and beautify their garage flooring. Their also a great choice for entertainment rooms and basements. Below are photos of a residential basement that has had its flooring coated with Duraamen's Endura Grade III Epoxy Resin Chip System.

This flooring is a great way to showcase your valuables and impress your house guests. (thumbnail)
Even celebrities love the look and feel of this basement floor. (thumbnail)
This flooring is a perfect solution for high traffic and high activity areas, such as this workout area of a residential home. (thumbnail)
A workout area sits atop this Endura resin chip basement flooring.  (thumbnail)
The natural light from these windows showoff the elegant shine of this basement floor. (thumbnail)
Resin chip flooring is a great look and offers a touch of class to any setting. (thumbnail)
It looks great and is durable enough to cover the large areas of this basement floor. (thumbnail)
The Endura resin chip system is a great option for home-owners. (thumbnail)