Stereokitchen Restaurant & Bar

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Stereo Kitchen is an ultra-modern bar/restaurant and entertainment venue situated on a roof top in Beirut, Lebanon. The high-end modern flooring was created using Duraamen concrete products. First, Duraamen’s concrete microtopping/overlay, Skraffino, was applied to ensure the substrate was smooth and blemish free. The Skraffino microtopping was custom colored using ‘Colorfast’ concrete coloring products. The entire floor was then sealed with an epoxy coating to provide additional wear resistance. Finally a matte polyurethane top coat was applied to for added protection and to achieve the desired sheen.

Concrete resurfacing project: Stereokitchen at night looking into the bar. (thumbnail)
The modern entertainment venue, Stereokitchen, as viewed from an adjacent building at night. (thumbnail)
The interior space of Stereokitchen is dimly lit with modern lighting fixtures. The floor was created with a concrete microtopping that truly compliments the contemporary space. (thumbnail)
Stereokitchen Bar & Restaurant as viewed from an outdoor corridor. The smooth, modern look of the concrete overlay flooring helps accentuate contemporary look of the round glass walls. (thumbnail)
A day/night comparison photo showing how the concrete overlay floor helps retain the contemporary style of Stereokitchen in any kind of lighting. (thumbnail)
A concrete microtopping was the right choice of floor for Stereokitchen, a contemporary restaurant/bar. (thumbnail)
The broad daylight shows the sleek, modern, exterior concrete flooring surfaces of Stereokitchen. (thumbnail)
Glass and concrete are two of the contemporary materials used to create the ultra-modern restaurant, Stereokitchen. The flooring is a concrete overlay from Duraamen. (thumbnail)
One really appreciates the smooth, modern look of a newly resurfaced concrete floor with the furniture removed. (thumbnail)
Stereokitchen has viewed from the entrance into the interior space.  (thumbnail)
The flooring is a concrete microtopping / skimcoat from Duraamen. It fits perfectly with the plant decor and glass walls in this ultra-modern restaurant. (thumbnail)
The walkways of the entertainment venue, Stereokitchen, were created using Skraffino concrete microtopping / overlay from Duraamen. (thumbnail)
The outdoor area of Stereokitchen has a modern feel as well thanks to Duraamen's Skraffino—concrete skimcoat. (thumbnail)
The modern ceiling lights reflected on the newly applied concrete floor of the Stereokitchen entertainment venue. (thumbnail)