Retail Fitness Store

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This retail store in Brooklyn NY, boasts designer flooring created with Param SSL, a Portland cement based concrete overlay. The overlay was integrally colored with light charcoal suede. To create the variations in color, a Duraamen Deso Dye was applied. Deso Dye is a water or solvent based concrete dye that yields exceptional results on indoor flooring.

A portland based cement concrete overlay from Duraamen was a wise choice for the fitness retailer in Brooklyn, NY. (thumbnail)
The merchandise of this fitness retailer stands out thanks to the clean, smooth contemporary concrete overlay flooring. (thumbnail)
Upon close inspection, subtle monochromatic colors in the concrete flooring can be seen. Concrete dyes were used on a newly installed concrete overlay to achieve this effect. (thumbnail)
The view down one wall shows how the merchandise stands out against the subtle color choice for the concrete floor. (thumbnail)
A resurfaced concrete floor is low maintenance and resists spills, perfect for a retailer who sells food products such as this fitness store. (thumbnail)