Mill Space shared office space | Wilmington, DE

Photo Gallery

Robert Harrera, the architect for Mill Space (a brand new shared office space in Wilmington, DE ) chose Duraamen products for the flooring. Param micro50 and two coats of our microtopping, Skraffino, were used to crate the ultra durable perfectly level surface. Water based stains and two coats of Perdure U46 (urethane topcoat) were used to complete the decorative flooring project.

This brand new shared office space in Wilmington, DE uses Duraamen concrete resurfacing products. (thumbnail)
The the gloss sheen and aesthetic texture for this corridor's floor was created with products chosen by the architect. (thumbnail)
A detail photo of the new self-leveling concrete floor in this contemporary shared office space. (thumbnail)
The kitchen has the same beautiful concrete floor as the rest of the shared office space. (thumbnail)