Financial Consulting Firm, NYC

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This Financial Consulting Firm in NYC, is an excellent example of how easy it is to achieve a modern concrete floor using Duraamen’s concrete microtopping/skimcoat products. To achieve the floor’s modern, earth-tone aesthetic, Skraffino microtopping was colored with concrete colorants and sprayed onto the substrate.

The concrete microtopping used for this firm's office space helps give it a modern feel. (thumbnail)
This contemporary, designer office furniture looks great on the resurfaced concrete floor created with Duraamen products. (thumbnail)
Glass walls and modern concrete flooring. (thumbnail)
This print center has an upscale look thanks to the Skraffino concrete microtopping used on the resurfaced floor. (thumbnail)
Modern art. Modern concrete flooring. (thumbnail)
The modern concrete flooring at the offices of a New York City financial consulting firm, (thumbnail)