Domus Design Collection

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For a contemporary look and feel, Domus Design Collection (DDC)—a designer furniture retail store in New York City—had their floors refinished using Skraffino and water-based concrete stains.

One of the main advantages of concrete resurfacing over concrete replacement is the speed with which the project can be completed. The Domus Design Collection project perfectly demonstrates this. Duraamen’s Skraffino Superfine microtopping/skim coat was sprayed and finished by trowel for a high-end, modern appearance.

A concrete microtopping or concrete overlay is always a good choice for flooring design when you're going for a modern look and feel. (thumbnail)
Duraamen's Skraffino concrete overlay flooring allows the Domus design collection to be viewed without distraction. (thumbnail)
The flooring has a subtle grey color and smooth matte finish that really compliments the high-end designer furniture. (thumbnail)
The gallery retailers space comes to life with the modern concrete flooring. (thumbnail)
In some instances the furniture looks like it was designed for the is contemporary flooring, not the other way around. (thumbnail)
Smooth, sexy, modern, sophisticated, contemporary concrete flooring created with Duraamen concrete products. (thumbnail)
A red designer chair—part of the Domus Design Collection, (thumbnail)
The spot lighting makes the concrete overlay flooring come to life. (thumbnail)
The beautiful, mirotopped concrete flooring of the Domus Design Collection retail space. (thumbnail)
The orange of this designer chair is much brighter thanks to the subtle grey hues of the resurfaced concrete flooring. (thumbnail)
This resurfaced concrete floor utilizes just the right finish for that modern look. (thumbnail)
A modern concrete resurfaced floor for a modern space. (thumbnail)
Bright colors juxtaposed against the subtle grey resurfaced concrete floor give life to the gallery's collection. (thumbnail)