Dezer Properties NYC

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Dezer Properties owns several office buildings in New York City. Many of their office spaces have vinyl commercial tile (VCT) flooring installed and were in need of a modern makeover. To save the expense of tearing up the old VCT, Dezer Properties turned to Duraamen products for a cost-effective solution. Skraffino concrete microtopping / skim coat can be applied directly over VCT and also works as an asbestos encapsulant in the case that the glue holding the tile contains asbestos. The images below show a recently resurfaced office space located on 150 W 28th Street, New York City, using Skraffino concrete microtopping that was integrally colored with Colorfast Iron Mountain and protected with a semi-gloss, polyurethane topcoat.

This New York City office hallway was resurfaced with Skraffino concrete microtopping. (thumbnail)
Another view of the hallway flooring that's been resurfaced in this New York City office space. (thumbnail)
Iron Mountain was the color chosen to provide a modern and clean look for the flooring in this New York City office space. (thumbnail)
Clean, modern, and trendy describe the look of this New York City office space after the floor was resurfaced with Duraamen products. (thumbnail)