Concrete Resurfacing / Microtoppings / Skim Coats

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Duraamen's line of concrete resurfacing products which include concrete microtoppings and self-leveling concrete overlays are a cost effective solution for enhancing the look of worn deteriorated concrete. Duraamen’s Skraffino concrete microtopping/skimcoat is engineered for interior and exterior environments. For use on residential and commercial properties, Skraffino yields decorative finishes that surpass the look of new concrete and alternative types of exterior concrete resurfacing products.

Our Skraffino microtopping/skimcoat is made from an advanced blend of engineered polymers and specialty cements that provide wear-resistance and longevity that far surpasses other concrete overlays. Skraffino is a two component concrete microtopping available three different grades – regular, fine and superfine. It is typically applied in two coats @ 1/16” per coat. Skraffino regular grade is recommended to create a non-slip surface for exterior applications. Skraffino is an interior/exterior product that can be installed on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Leaves and other natural designs can be imprinted on resurfaced concrete flooring (thumbnail)
Resurfaced concrete flooring is often used in art galleries and public display venues. (thumbnail)
Residential home owners may choose resurfaced concrete flooring as a contemporary interior design option. (thumbnail)
Some of the most modern retail spaces utilize resurfaced concrete flooring for it's ease of maintenance and trendy appearance. (thumbnail)
This beauty retailer had a concrete overlay from Duraamen products installed for its flooring. (thumbnail)
The warm earth tones of the resurfaced concrete floor add to the overall atmosphere of this upscale restaurant. (thumbnail)
A concrete overlay / microtopping from Duraamen was installed in this food court. (thumbnail)
This kitchen has the look of marble flooring thanks to concrete resurfacing products from Duraamen. (thumbnail)
This bar benefits from the contemporary look and feel of concrete overlay flooring. (thumbnail)
The concrete floor in this furniture retailer is protected by concrete resurfacing products from Duraamen. It is as beautiful as it is tough. (thumbnail)
Concrete resurfacing can achieve a classic look for your interior space as well as modern or contemporary one. (thumbnail)
Resurfaced concrete makes this dining room have a trendy appearance (thumbnail)