Perdure UMC SC

urethane concrete primer / sealer

Perdure UMC SC/Primer is a urethane modified concrete primer/sealer. It bonds tenaciously to properly prepared substrates. It is used as primer and/or sealer over Perdure UMC TG or UMC SL systems. It also refinishes old and abused urethane concrete floors.

The Perdure UMC SC kit consists of polyurethane resin, resin hardener, and a blend of Portland cement and aggregates. A color pack is also included in the kit if requested.

As a primer, Perdure UMC SC reduces the potential for pinholes in various UMC systems. As a topcoat, it is suitable in heavy-duty applications such as restrooms/lockers, kitchens, cafeterias, equipment maintenance areas, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, processing areas, bottling/packaging areas, and other areas requiring a chemical resistant, sanitary, high impact, solid color finish.

  • Excellent chemical and wear resistance
  • Low odor for use in occupied areas
  • Meets USGBC LEED criteria for low VOC
  • It does not support the growth of fungus or bacteria
  • Moisture vapor tolerant – withstands up to 95% RH and 15lb/1000ft2/24 hr
  • Meets USDA requirements
  • As a primer, it reduces concrete outgassing pinholes in Perdure UMC SL or UMC TG floors
  • Zero VOC
Mixing Ratio Prepackaged unit VOC (EPA Method 24) 0g/L, complaint to low VOC Rule 1113 in all 50 states
Flammability, ASTM D635 Self-extinguishing Fungus & Bacteria Growth MIL F 52505, 85-90
Adhesion to Concrete, ASTM D7240 300-400psi (concrete failure) Water absorption, ASTM D570 Nil
Abrasion Resistance, ASTM D4060, CS17 Wheel, 1000 cycles 32mg Pot life 8 to 10 min @ 70°F, 50% RH
Recoat 7 to 8 hr @ 70°F, 50% RH Light foot traffic 8 to 10 hr @ 70°F, 50% RH
Light vehicular traffic 12-16 hrs @ 70°F, 50% RH Full cure 3 to 5 days @ 70°F, 50% RH
  • Food processing areas
  • Production areas
  • Bottling areas
  • Cook/Chill areas
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Sanitize / Wash areas
  • Chemical processing areas
  • Loading / Unloading - plant vehicle areas

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