Perdure NE25

100% solids Novolac epoxy coating

Perdure NE25 is a 100% solids Novolac epoxy floor coating designed to provide high chemical resistant protection. Perdure NE25 should be used whenever a high build, acid and alkali resistant, protective floor coating is required. It is essentially odorless and therefore, can be used in occupied areas. Perdure NE25 provides a smooth, high gloss finish or, in a heavy body form, an orange peel, textured finish. It is used as a finish coating for High Performance Industrial Floor Systems.

  • Superior chemical and stain resistance
  • Easy of application
  • Bonds very well to cool and damp substrates
  • Low odor for use in occupied areas (zero-VOC)
  • Suitable for immersion and wet process flooring applications
Viscosity @ 75°F 1000cps Pot Life 20-25 minutes
Mixing Ratio 2 parts A to 1 parts B by volume Dry to Touch 6-8 hours @ 75°F
Solids Content 100% by volume Re-coat 12–16 hours @ 75°F
VOC 0 Light Traffic 24 hours @ 75°F
Weight Per gallon 11.5 pounds per gallon, mixed

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