Perdure MVT-W

water borne moisture vapor control system

Perdure MVT-W is a low viscosity, water borne emulsion, penetrating epoxy primer formulated to be used as a moisture mitigation treatment on concrete with excessive moisture vapor transmission. Perdure MVT-W will endure moisture vapor emission rates up to 10lb/1000ft2/24hr as tested according to ASTM F1869-11 and relative humidity of 90% in the concrete slabs tested according to ASTM F2170-11.


It is important to understand the difference between moisture vapor transmission and moisture content. You may have low moisture content and have a bond failure at some point in the future due to vapor transmission through the slab. A high moisture content in the slab will usually not cause a problem unless conditions are right to cause movement of that moisture to the surface. So, its moisture transmission to the surface whether it is from high moisture content in the slab or under the slab that causes the problem.

allowable moisture vapor transmission for düraamen™ flooring systems
The maximum moisture vapor transmission through concrete when tested as per the Calcium Chloride Test, should not exceed 3.0lbs/24hr/1000 sq.ft.

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete substrates that are prepared as per the prevalent standards and have cured for at least 28 days.
  • Low odor during application and cure
  • Short recoat time as compared to other similar systems
  • ZERO VOC, contributes towards LEED Credits, Environmentally friendly
  • Greatly reduces concrete outgassing
  • Moisture vapor tolerant up to 10lb/1000ft2/24hr and 90% RH
Viscosity @ 75°F 200-300cps Pot Life 1 hour
VOC Zero Dry Hard, light foot traffic 5 hours @ 75°F
Bond strength to concrete 350 psi (100% concrete failure) Recoat, minimum 3-5 hours @ 75°F
Weight per gallon 8.75lb/ga (after mixed) Recoat, maximum 48 hours @ 75°F

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