Perdure MVT+

moisture vapor control system for new concrete

Excess moisture in or below the concrete slab is the cause for a large percentage of coating failures on concrete. While moisture in concrete during the application of floor systems is an important criterion, it is not the ultimate cause of failure months or years later. Many resin based flooring systems can tolerate and bond to a concrete slab with relatively high moisture content. It is the flow of moisture or moisture vapor, better described as moisture vapor transmission, which causes most adhesion problems.

Perdüre MVT+ is a moisture vapor control system utilizing a unique water based epoxy which allows installation of epoxy resin floor systems and other moisture sensitive floor coverings on new concrete (5 days old) without fear of moisture entrapment. Perdüre MVT+ is applied in a two coat application.

Perdüre MVT+ reduces the passage of water vapor and moisture through slabs on above or below grade, thus eliminating delamination and blistering of adhesives, floor coverings, resin floor systems, epoxy terrazzo and coatings. It controls water vapor transmission levels for the installation of most floor covering systems, including VCT, sheet vinyl, carpets, wood, laminates, epoxy resin flooring and epoxy terrazzo.

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  • Low VOC, water based
  • Vapor and water barrier
  • Barrier against radon and other gases
  • High moisture tolerance
  • Compatible with most flooring systems
  • Does not support mold
  • Easy to install
  • Minimal downtime
Density 12.70lb/gal Curing temperature At least 50°F
VOC (mixed) less than 1g/L Full cure 7 days
Volume of Solids 59% Hardness, Shore D 70-75
Flash Point Part A > 212°F Compressive Strength ASTM C579 6500psi
Flash Point Part B 170°F Flexural strength ASTM C-580 2100psi
Mixing ratio 1:4 by Vol Adhesion to New Concrete (5 days) 110psi
Pot life 60 minutes @ 75°F Adhesion to Moist Concrete (28 days) 550psi
Open to foot traffic 16 hours at 75°F Adhesion to Dry Concrete (28 days) 580psi

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