Perdure MVT

moisture vapor control system

Perdure MVT is a two component modified epoxy system designed to seal concrete and reduce moisture vapor transmission prior to applying finished flooring. Perdüre MVT has proven to reduce moisture vapor emissions and be resistant to damage from high alkalinity. It is an environmentally friendly material containing no hydrocarbons or other solvents making it zero VOC.

Perdure MVT is designed as a negative side moisture vapor retarder to reduce moisture vapor transmission though concrete.

It is important to understand the difference between moisture vapor transmission and moisture content. You may have low moisture content and have a bond failure at some point in the future due to vapor transmission through the slab. A high moisture content in the slab will usually not cause a problem unless conditions are right to cause movement of that moisture to the surface. So, its moisture transmission to the surface whether it is from high moisture content in the slab or under the slab that causes the problem.

allowable moisture vapor transmission for düraamen™ flooring systems
The maximum moisture vapor transmission through concrete when tested as per the Calcium Chloride Test, should not exceed 3.0lbs/24hr/1000 sq.ft.

  • Reduce moisture vapor transmission rate through concrete.
  • Provides excellent resistance to highly alkaline conditions.
  • Gives excellent bond to properly prepared concrete.
  • Can be rapidly resurfaced with a variety of finished flooring covering materials
Tensile Strength ASTM D-638 10,400psi Tensile Elongation ASTM D-638 2-4%
Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D-638 2500psi Bond strength to concrete, ASTM D-4541 400-500psi100% concrete failure
Permeability ASTM E-96 1 coat (10-12mil) – 0.09 Perms2 coats (20mil) - 0.04 Perms Water vapor transmission grams/hr/m2 ASTM E-96 1 coat – 0.0232 coats – 0.012
Alkali Resistance7 day immersion14 day immersion ASTM D-1308 10% NaOH– unaffected50% NaOH- unaffected10% NaOH- unaffected50% NAO Hardness Shore DASTM D-2240 85
VOC 0 Water absorption ASTM D-570 0
Mixing ratio 2A : 1B Pot life 30 minutes
Recoat time minimum 4-6 hours Recoat time maximum 72 hours

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