Perdure E10 CV (Cove Base)

Cove Base Epoxy Paste Concrete Floor Coating

Perdure E10 CV is a multipurpose epoxy binder with the consistency of paste. It’s primarily used with cove base, seamless wall to floor applications. This multipurpose epoxy resin has excellent thixotropic properties, making it ideal for use on vertical surfaces and as a general-purpose spackle and filler. It’s also useful as a grout coat to fill small potholes before grinding and polishing concrete floors. Perdure E10 CV is virtually odorless, making it usable in occupied areas.

  • Excellent non-sag thixotropic properties make Perdure E10 CV suitable for use as a vertical-grade spackle or filer compound—with or without aggregate.
  • Low odor for use in occupied areas.
  • Satisfies USDA requirements for use in food handling applications.
  • Can be used to fill small potholes or patching compound
Viscosity 50K CPS, mixed—non-sagging paste Mix Ratio 4 parts A : 1 Part B, by Volume
Solids Content 100% VOC (EPA Method 24) 0 g/L, compliant to low VOC Rule 1113 in all 50 states
Weight/gal 9.25 to 9.5lb mixed

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