Perdure AU52

acrylic modified polyurethane concrete coating

Perdure AU52 represents the most recent advances in concrete coating technology. Co-polymerization of polyurethane dispersions with acrylic monomers offers superior performance of the coatings. It combines the excellent adhesion and color retention property of acrylic polymers and superior chemical, abrasion and UV resistance of polyurethane. Perdure AU52 cures to a very tough, abrasion resistant film with exceptional exterior durability, chalk resistance, color stability and long term gloss retention. It has been designed to protect stamped concrete, stained concrete floors, brick, terrazzo, slate and other hard surfaces in industrial building, hospitals, warehouses, malls, garages, auto dealerships nursing homes, churches, schools and residential driveways, walkways, etc., and various forms of decorative concrete floors.

substrate requirements
  • Slab on grade requires vapor/moisture barrier.
  • Substrate must be structurally sound, dry and free of bond inhibiting contaminants
  • During installation and initial cure cycle substrate and ambient air temperature
    must be minimum of 50°F
  • Maximum dry surface temperature not to exceed 150°F
  • All foodstuffs must be removed from the work area and areas subject to fumes during the installation and initial cure
  • Applications less than 200ft2/gal may result in solvent entrapment and possible blistering

Apply Perdure AU52 over properly prepared surfaces. Surfaces must be free from oils, grease, water or other foreign matter. Surface should be dry and above 50°F and rising. Relative humidity should not exceed 85%. Perdüre AU52 is moisture sensitive during application and initial cure. Do not apply if surface temperature is within 5°F of Dew Point. Not recommended on floors susceptible to hydrostatic pressure. Best methods of application are using a shed resistant phenolic core mohair cover. Roll in the same direction, always keeping a wet edge. Do not over roll the product. For safety and proper curing, proper ventilation is necessary throughout application and cure. When using pigmented intermediate coats, be sure the batch numbers are all the same to provide a uniform base color. Perdüre AU52 can be sprayed with an airless or conventional unit.

  • Low VOC
  • Non-yellowing, non chalking – crystal clarity
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Easy to apply
  • Eliminates concrete dusting
Recommended Film Thickness 1.5-2.5 dry mils 250-425ft2/gal VOC 400g/lt
Mixing Ratio — Clear 4 parts A to 1 parts B by volume Pot Life 4-6 hours
Solids Content — Clear 40 ± 2% Re-Coat 8-48 hours

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