Param SSL

Self smoothing concrete topping

Param SSL is Portland cement based self smoothing concrete topping when mixed with water produces a unique high strength flooring surface. It is designed to resurface existing concrete or any hard wearing surface like ceramic, vinyl tiles or gypsum based underlayments. Param SSL can be trowelled and burnished to create a smooth hand applied polished concrete floor. It is designed for residential and commercial interior spaces. Param SSL can be integrally colored with Colorfast or Dyes.

  • Creates a real concrete look and feel (does not look plastic!)
  • Applied at only 1/8” thick – adds very little weight to the structure
  • Can be integrally colored with Colorfast
  • Achieves excellent results with chemicals stains (acid stains), dyes or water based stains
  • Superior compressive strength, 5200psi
Flammability (ASTM E84)
Flame Spread
Fuel Contribution
Smoke Development

Mixing ratio 1.5 gallons of water per bag
Compressive Strength 5200psi Coverage 60-80ft² @ 1/8" thickness
Flexural strength 1200 psi Packaging 50lb bag
Shelf life 6 months

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