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Urethane Concrete Flooring System

Duraamen's Perdure UMC (Urethane Modified Concrete) is a high-performance product specifically designed for harsh environments where chemical and thermal shock resistance are required. It is one of the toughest urethane concrete flooring products on the market when protecting against chemicals, thermal shock, abrasions and impacts. Urethane concrete flooring is also known as: Urethane Concrete Coating, Cementitious Urethane Concrete, and Polyurethane Concrete Flooring.

Urethane concrete coatings have surpassed traditional epoxy flooring solutions that had been used for many years where thermal shock and chemical deterioration of the floor are concerns. Their reasonable cost and general all around high-performance characteristics, in additional to their thermal shock and chemical resistance properties, makes polyurethane concrete coatings the ideal solution for food and beverage facilities, chemical processing plants, and anywhere that traditional epoxy flooring may fail.

Because Perdure UMC urethane concrete flooring is engineered to be crack resistant, it is one of the most hygienic flooring solutions available. In food and beverage facilities the environment is moist and exposed to organic materials. Cracks in floor coatings offer a safe haven for bacteria and other microorganisms. Additionally, where chemicals and / or water are in contact with the flooring surface, cracks offer a passage to the substrate. This leads to the deterioration of the substrate, making the installation of Perdure UMC not only a hygienic and performance oriented flooring option, but also an insurance policy against future facility repairs.

Duraamen offers its urethane concrete flooring in three variations to specifically fit your project's needs: Perdure UMC-SL, Perdure UMC-TG and Perdure UMC-SC. All variations provide a seamless floor that can take the punishment of the harshest food and beverage, and industrial environments. The ability to add color and/or texture using quartz or other aggregates is common to all versions. Depending on which version you choose it may be installed as a coating, using a trowel or as a self-leveling flooring.

Perdure UMC | urethane concrete flooring

Perdure UMC is a three-component urethane concrete flooring system formulated to withstand harsh and demanding environments. Perdure UMC flooring systems combines the most demanding performance characteristics - resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals and thermal shock. A urethane polyurethane concrete binder is combined with Portland cement and graded aggregates to deliver superior performance characteristics. This unique combination of urethane-cement and graded aggregates makes the flooring system resistant to high levels of moisture vapor transmission. It can be installed with integral cove base for areas requiring sanitary seamless wall to floor transition.

The cementitious polyurethane flooring system, Perdure UMC - in addition to being able to absorb and dissipate heat and cold has excellent sound deadening properties, particularly in areas where the operation requires trafficking with steel wheels.

Perdure UMC flooring systems designed to be used in:

  • Food processing areas
  • Production areas
  • Bottling areas
  • Cook/Chill areas
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Sanitize / Wash areas
  • Chemical processing areas
  • Loading / Unloading - plant vehicle areas

Salient features & benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates - concrete, quarry tiles, brick pavers and plywood
  • Formulated for installation ease and quick turn around
  • Very low odor - can be used in occupied areas
  • Breathable flooring system - withstands high levels of moisture vapor transmission
  • Does not support fungus or bacteria
  • Excellent chemical and thermal shock resistance

Perdure UMC is available as a coating, self-leveling and trowel grade forms.

Perdure UMC-SL / UMC16
Perdüre UMC-SL is a seamless self-leveling, medium to heavy duty, solid colored, three- component, urethane modified cementitious flooring system designed to provide excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, and chemical attack. Perdüre UMC-SL can be broadcasted with quartz aggregate to increase surface texture and slip resistance. The system is typically applied at 3/16" to 1/4" in thickness.

Perdure UMC-TG
Perdüre UMC-TG is a trowel grade, heavy duty, solid color, three-component, urethane modified cementitious flooring system, designed to provide excellent resistant to thermal stress, abrasion, impact and chemical attack. This system is typically applied at 1/4" to 3/8" thickness. It can be installed with an integral cove base requiring seamless wall to floor coatings.

Perdure UMC-SC
Perdüre UMC-SC is a three-component, solvent-free, high build, colored, coating system based in the cementitious urethane technology. It is typically installed as a top coat for Perdüre UMC broadcast textured finishes or sometimes used as a primer for Perdure UMC-SL and UMC-TG systems. It can be applied also to refresh existing cementitious urethane flooring at a fraction of the original flooring. It provides excellent chemical resistance properties and very good durability against abrasion and mechanical damage. This system is typically installed at 10mil thickness.

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