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Terrazzi Concrete Resurfacing

Arapido Sprayer | airless diaphragm pump

The Arapido Sprayer is an airless, diaphragm pump developed for spraying Arapido, polymer concrete resulting in an ultra-smooth surface. It eliminates many of the installation limitations associated with hand trowel tools and the materials used.

Terrazzi | concrete resurfacing system for achieving seamless, polished concrete floors

Terrazzi is a very cost-effective concrete resurfacing system that produces a very attractive polished concrete finish on floors and walls. The system consists of spraying a specifically designed concrete resurfacing compound (Arapido), and broadcasting a proprietary blend of fine aggregates, recycled glass and crushed marble into the wet Arapido (Cast-On). The Cast-On surface is subsequently polished to which brings out the nuance of cement-aggregate matrix. The Cast-On not only adds a unique look but also aids in increasing the strength and durability to the finish. It is an ideal choice in architectural concrete where cost, durability and aesthetic concerns are critical.


  • Unlimited colour combinations and textures
  • Accepts integral colour pigments, chemical stains, dyes and water based stains
  • Achieve tremendous productivity (at least 20,000 ft2/day with a crew of 4 people!)
  • Ideal for interior and exterior
  • Comprised of zero VOC materials
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Freeze thaw stability

Where to use Terrazzi concrete resurfacing system?

  • Achieve seamless polished concrete floor
    Terrazzi concrete resurfacing system can be used over a self leveling concrete surface to achieve a polished concrete floor.
  • Achieve stained concrete floor over Gypsum Concrete
    Gypsum based substrates can be sprayed with Arapido, polymer concrete so that it can be subsequently acid stained or dyed.
  • Resurfacing Pool Decks / Stamped Concrete without losing stamp texture
    Concrete poured at different times will look different due to number of reasons. Resurfacing with Arapido is a fast way of achieving consisting look over the entire area. The worn out, dull looking stamped concrete driveways and patios can be renewed with Arapido, concrete resurfacing system
  • Resurface vertical surfaces
    Any type of vertical surfaces (even ceilings) can be resurfaced rapidly with Arapido to create concrete finishes. The Arapido sprayer puts on a very smooth fine concrete finish without air pockets thus creating a very smooth finish. Magic trowels can be used to give subtle colour movement and a fresco finish if desired.

Please contact us for specifications and application instructions

Note: This system is installed by only certified installers…Contact us to learn how you can be certified to install Terrazzi Concrete Resurfacing System.

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