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industrial coatings and polished concrete flooring systems

Garage Floor Coatings

Many homeowners choose to finish their plain gray concrete garage floor. Some just want an aesthetically pleasing place to park their vehicles. Others want to use the garage as an additional living space. A garage with a finished floor is easily converted to a workshop, an office for a home business, an art studio, theatre room or playroom. The easiest and most economical way to improve a plain gray garage floor is with an epoxy garage floor coating.

A properly finished garage floor holds numerous advantages over exposed concrete. Epoxy garage floor coatings create a non-porous surface making it ideal for areas where chemicals and other liquids may be used. Garage floor coatings are easy to clean and somewhat impact resistant. These epoxies are available in a broad range of colors and can be broadcasted with various colors of decorative resin chips or quartz granules to provide a non-slip surface.

The key to installing a durable, long-wearing epoxy garage floor coating is in the preparation. While do it yourself kits are available from major retailers, they do not have the high performance characteristics of a professional grade epoxy flooring system that has been professionally installed. The only way to insure a long lasting garage flooring coating is for a professional to clean and diamond grind the substrate. Only after the concrete substrate has been properly prepared, can a professional grade epoxy flooring system like Duraamen’s Endura be installed.

Endura is a high performance grade III resin chip system that consists of three parts: A 100% solids epoxy coating that is available in various colors and specifically design for excellent adhesion to the concrete substrate. A polyaspartic topcoat seals the epoxy coating protecting it from chemicals, impacts, hot-tire pick up and UV rays that could cause yellowing. Colored resin chips that provide a textured aesthetic are optional. The chips are available in many different color blends.

To learn more about color options and other uses for the Endura Grade III Garage Floor Coating System contact your Duraamen representative.

Endüra P70 | ultra high solids aliphatic Polyaspartic polyurea

Endüra P70 is a two component, ultra high solids, aliphatic Polyaspartic polyurea designed to provide high gloss, UV stable (non-yellowing) and chemical resistant protection. endüra P70 is a superior, new generation product exhibiting fast cure and excellent stain resistance.

endüra P70 has very low odor and can be applied indoors in occupied areas. It is generally used as a clear, high gloss finish on eNdura high performance resin chip system.


  • VOC compliant
  • Fast set times
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Very high gloss
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Chemical & stain resistance
  • Low odor; can be used in occupied areas

Technical Data

Viscosity @ 75°F 350– 400cps Pot Life 20 minutes
Mixing Ratio 2 parts A to 1 parts B by volume Dry to Touch 2.5 hours @ 75°F
Solids Content 95%–97% by volume Re-Coat 4 hours @ 75°F
VOC 35.8 gm/L Light Traffic 4-5 hours @ 75°F
Weight Per gallon 8.77 pounds per gallon, mixed Heavy Traffic 48 hours
Tensile strength ASTM D412 3000–4000
Hardness Shore D 24hr 25-35
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Endüra E21 | 100% solids pigmented epoxy floor coating

Endüra E21 is a 100% solids, pigmented epoxy floor coating designed to provide high gloss, chemical resistant protection. It is essentially odorless and can, therefore, be used in occupied areas. endüra E21 provides a smooth, high gloss finish or, in a heavy body form, an orange peel, texture finish. It can be broadcasted with resin chips.


  • Low odor during application and cure
  • Zero VOC
  • Easy application and clean-up

Technical Data

Viscosity @ 75°F 1500cps Pot Life 40 minutes @ 75°F
Mixing Ratio 4 parts A to 1 parts B by volume Dry to Touch 10–12 hours @ 75°F
Solids Content 100% by volume Light Traffic 24 hours @ 75°F
VOC 0 Full cure, maximum resistance 5 days
Weight Per gallon 11.0 pounds per gallon, mixed
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Endüra E02 | 100% solids moisture tolerant epoxy primer

important!: For successful installation of any resinous flooring systems a concrete surface profile (CSP) of 4 to 5 is recommended. If the installer is unable to achieve the CSP of 4 or 5, application of primer, endüra E02, may be necessary.

Endüra E02 is a 100% solids, moisture tolerant epoxy primer for concrete and masonry surfaces. It combines the properties of water insensitivity with good wetting properties. endüra E02 provides excellent filling and sealing properties needed under high performance epoxy floor coatings on concrete. The moisture tolerance of endüra E02 allows it to be applied to damp concrete after surface preparation. This includes bonding “old to old” or “new to old” concrete.


  • Low modulus – stress relieving
  • Fast cure formulation available for priming under coatings
  • Moisture insensitive cure
  • Conforms to ASTM C-881 requirements
  • Low viscosity-good wetting properties

Technical Data

Viscosity @ 75°F 400 – 450cps Pot Life 30-40 minutes @ 75°F
Mixing Ratio 2 parts A to 1 parts B by volume Dry to Touch 6–8 hours @ 75°F
Solids Content 100% Solids by volume Re-Coat (regular cure) 10–12 hours @ 75°F
VOC 0 Re-Coat (fast cure) 4-6 hours @ 75°F
Gloss, 60°F Low sheen Full cure, maximum resistance 5 days
Weight Per gallon 9.00–9.50 pounds per gallon, mixed
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Endüra | high performance grade III resin ship system

Endüra™ is a high performance Grade III resin flooring system designed to be used in garage floors, basement floors, workshop floors, laundry room floors, locker room floors, restaurants, food service areas where return to service is extremely important. This system combines the benefits of Epoxy resins and Polyaspartic technology.

Epoxy resins offer better wet-ability and adhesion to various substrates where as Polyaspartics offer very high abrasion resistance, hot-tire pick up resistance, UV stability and excellent chemical resistance.

endüra™ high performance Grade III resin system

consists of:

a. application of endüra E21—100% solids, pigmented
epoxy coating that is broadcasted with blended colored
resin chips

b. application of endüra P70—clear Polyaspartic top coat

key benefits

  • Use of epoxy resins ensures superior wetting and excellent bonding to the substrates
  • Epoxy resin designed for moisture insensitive cure
  • Excellent abrasion—impact and hot tire pick-up resistance
  • Chemical resistance—resists chemicals like brake fluid, gasoline, mek, hydraulic oil, etc.
  • UV light stable—superb clarity top coat
  • Fast cure—return to service within hours after the application of the top coat
  • Zero VOC system

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