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industrial coatings and polished concrete flooring systems

Decorative Quartz Flooring System

Duraamen’s Decorative Kwortz Flooring System (Quartz Flooring System) is a combination of beauty and strength that is engineered to keep your floor looking and performing well for years to come. This 100% solids resin epoxy is second to none, and can be used with a variety of graded quartz, marble or ceramic fillers. Our graded fillers provide stunning aesthetic qualities, as well as, anti-slip properties, high impact and abrasion resistance. Duraamen’s decorative quartz flooring can be finished with a wide selection of gloss or satin top coats. Custom blends and other flooring options are available to help you create a uniquely beautiful floor.

Just because Duraamen’s epoxy quartz flooring is beautiful, doesn’t mean it’s delicate—far from it. Kwortz flooring is ultra-tough. It has been engineered for use in industrial applications, commercial properties, and other facilities where a decorative floor surface is needed and high-performance characteristics are required. It can be installed at different thicknesses for various amounts of impact resistance and can be top-coated with Novolac epoxy resin to provide chemical resistance.

Our decorative quartz flooring is often used where the existing substrate is worn or in a deteriorated condition. Examples of its use include: chemical processing plants, laboratories, rest rooms and locker rooms, light and heavy manufacturing facilities, food processing and warehouses. These are just a few of the uses for this beautiful, high-performance flooring system.

Installed using broadcast, slurry, or trowel methods, Duraamen’s decorative, epoxy quartz flooring is extremely versatile. A trowel application adds to the abrasion and impact resistance of the flooring and also looks slightly better, though this will add cost to the project. Where cost is an issue, broadcasting may be the preferred application method.

When it comes to decorative epoxy quartz flooring Duraamen can’t be outshined. Contact a Duraamen representative to learn more about Kwortz, and for guidance on putting together a flooring system that meets your project requirements.

Kwortz Flooring | seamless decorative quartz flooring

Kwortz flooring system is a seamless decorative resin flooring system consisting of clear, 100% solids epoxy resin filled with a variety of graded quartz, marble or ceramic fillers which can be modified to create the best design mix for ideal performance and appearance. A wide selection of gloss and satin finish coats are available for varying appearance and exposure requirements. The finished flooring system can be textured or smooth as per the specifications. The decorative quartz aggregates are available in a series of pre-blended patterns or solid colors. Custom colour blends are available subject to approval, minimum quantity requirements, and lead time for production.

typical uses

  • AirportsL: Baggage/Service Terminals
  • Animal Areas: Housing, Cage washing
  • Beverage: Processing, Packaging/Warehousing, Bottling
  • Cafeterias
  • Chemical Processing
  • Clean Rooms
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Corridors: Docks/Ramps
  • Food: Processing, Preparation Service
  • Hospitals: Corridors & Lobbies, Patient Rooms, Operating Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Locker Rooms
  • Mechanical Equipment Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Schools
  • Showers
  • Manufacturing: Light and Heavy Duty
  • Warehouses

Crack-free installations of Kwörtz flooring system can be achieved when installed in conjunction with a Perdüre FE80 and Perdüre MVT . An integral cove base can be installed in areas requiring seamless wall to floor coating.

key considerations:

  • On or below grade installation must have an efficient vapor barrier under the slab
  • Special treatments are necessary where hydrostatic pressure or
    moisture vapor transmission may be present
  • Substrate temperature must be a minimum of 550F
    (low temperature cure system available upon request)
  • Substrate must be free of dirt, waxes, curing agents, and other foreign materials
  • All control joints and expansion joints in the substrate must be revealed with
    the appropriate divider strips in the topping

Kwörtz flooring system can be installed in different thickness and top coated with 100% epoxy resin, Novolac epoxy resin or solvent based polyurethane depending upon the performance requirements and application environments.

Click here to view & download application instructions

Technical Data

Flammability, ASTM D-635 Self Extinguishing Water absorption, ASTM D-570 Nil (<0.05%)
Adhesive Strength, MIL-D-26413 420 psi Thermal Shock Resistance, ASTM C-884 Passes
Fungus & Bacteria growth Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria when subjected to mildew and bacteria tests Abrasion Resistance, MIL-D-3134F §4.7.3 Withstands 16ft/lb without cracking, delamination or chipping
Hardness, ASTM D-2240 80-84 Shore D Compressive Strength, ASTM C-570, 7 days 12,600psi
Bond Strength to Concrete, ACI Comm #503, Bulletin 59-43 400 psi (100% concrete failure) Tensile Strength, ASTM C-307 2,600psi
Resistance to elevated temperature, MIL-D-3134F §4.7.4 No slip or flow at required temperature of 158°F Flexural Strength, ASTM C-580 4,300psi
Coefficient of friction, ASTM D-2047 0.80 Thermal of Coefficient of Expansion, ASTM C-531 22 X 10-6

Color Chart

  • Oceana

  • Reef

  • Sage

  • Mint

  • Storm Cloud

  • Tweed

  • Quarry

  • Incan Gold

  • Timberwolf

  • Slate

  • Cheyenne

  • Ocean Wave

  • Fog

  • Sable

  • Camel

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