Macrylex S29

semi-flexible medium viscosity sealer

Macrylex S29 is a 100% reactive, semi-flexible medium viscosity methyl methacrylate resin developed as a sealer/topcoat over various Macrylex flooring systems utilizing one or more body coat combinations of Macrylex F32, Macrylex F98 PUMMA, Macrylex B18 and also directly over Macrylex P12 primer as a high build coating system. Macrylex S29 is a chemical resistant coating with improved UV light resistance designed for exterior use such as vehicular parking decks, pedestrian decks, roof decks, pool decks, concrete and steel stairs, ramps, interior freezer/cooler rooms and numerous other applications.

  • Rapid cure with short recoat time (60 min)
  • Suitable for USDA food handling areas
  • UV resistant, Non-chalking
  • Good leveling and flow characteristics
  • VOC Compliant, Meets USGBC LEED Requirements
  • Use over wide temperature range—even below freezing
  • Semi-flexible for exterior use and freezers
Percent reactive 100% VOC < 50g/L
Working Life, 50-70°F 13–25 minutes, will vary with temperature and amount of hardner Recoat time 30–60 minutes
Viscosity @ 75°F 380-390 cps Weight per gallon 8.3lbs

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