Macrylex H00

dibenzoyl peroxide hardener

Macrylex H00 is a dry white powder made up of 50% BPO, Dibenzoyl Peroxide. It must be mixed thoroughly with Macrylex resins before adding other fillers and/or aggregates to ensure the hardening of the mixed materials. Any exception to this mixing sequence must be confirmed with Duraamen Technical Representative.

Macrylex H00 is soluble in Macrylex resin. After mixing the powder into the reactive resin the reaction initiates the polymerization reaction that leads to the hardening process of the floor system.

Appearance Sandy, White Dry Powder Content of Dibenzoyl Peroxide and Dicyclorhexyl Phthalate Approximately 50%
Self-accelerating Decomposition Temperature (SADT) 140°F Self-Ignition Temperature >680°F
Solubility Not soluble in water

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