Macrylex F98 Pumma

flexible polyurethane hybrid resin

Macrylex F98 PUMMA is a higher viscosity, 100% reactive, flexible methyl methacrylate polyurethane hybrid resin used as crack isolation or water proofing membrane under various Macrylex Systems or as resilient mortar or joint filler for numerous applications. Macrylex F98 PUMMA resists cracking caused by horizontal substrate movement, providing a crack resistant, resilient surface with superior performance in cold temperature environments. Macrylex F98 PUMMA offers stress relieving properties for floor slabs showing movement and/or vibration. Excellent for use an intermediate membrane layer or patching mortar in loading docks and ramps, equipment rooms, large animal rooms, activity rooms, automotive and tooling industry, freezers, coolers, bridge decks, roof decks, pedestrian walkways, parking garages, ship decks, pool lines, pool decks, joint repair, food industry, dairies, beverage industry, and numerous other industries and applications.

  • Rapid cure with short recoat time (60 min)
  • Elongation of 300%
  • Reduces noise created by mechanical vibration
  • Applied at thickness of 1/16" to 1/4"
  • VOC Compliant, Meets USGBC LEED Requirements
  • Use over wide temperature range—even below freezing
%Reactive 100%, Zero VOC Working life, 50°–70°F 15–25 minutes, will vary with temp. and amount of hardener
Recoat time 55–75 minutes Viscosity, cps 600–800cps
Weight per gallon 8.4lbs Tensile strength 250psi
Elongation at break 300% resin, 100% filled mortar

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