DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Kits

Everything you need in one simple DIY kit to protect and beautify your garage floor with Duraamen's professional-grade products.


Anywhere in the Continental U.S.A.

Product photo of Duraamen's Garage Floor Coating Kit.

Kit includes the following products in the amounts necessary to complete your chosen square footage.:

Multiple Colors:

Choose from our most popular resin chip system colors. Pair any chip color with any bodycoat color. Use our color charts to help guide your decision.

1 or 2-Car Garage Flooring Kit | 500sq.ft

$949.50 ($1.90 / sq.ft.)
Endura E21, 3.75gal
(3 x 1gal can part A, 3 x 1qt can part B)
Endura Resin Chips, 40lb
(1 x box)
Perdure P72, polyaspartic topcoat/sealer, 2gal
(2x 1gal cans, parts A & B)

3 or 4-Car Garage Flooring Kit | 1000sq.ft

$949.50 ($1.65 / sq.ft.)
Endura E21, 5gal (5gal pail A, 1gal can part B)
Endura E21, 1.25gal
(1gal can A, 1qt can B)
Endura Resin Chips, 80lb
(2x 40lb boxes)
Perdure P72 Polyaspartic topcoat/sealer, 4gal
(4 x 1gal cans—2 part A, 2 part B)

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