Urethane Cement Flooring System

Urethane-Cement Flooring System over Concrete Substrates

Urethane-Cement Flooring System over Concrete Substrates

Duraamen's Urethane Cement Flooring System (Perdure UMC System) is one of the toughest floor systems on the market. Its thermal expansion properties are similar to concrete, making the system resistant to thermal shock. It's also abrasion, impact, and chemical resistant making this flooring perfect for some of the most demanding industrial and commercial applications on the planet.

All Duraamen Perdure UMC Floor Systems have zero VOCs and are low odor eliminating the risk of food contamination during commercial kitchen or food production facility installs. Additionally, your flooring project will be eligible for LEED® credits.

Duraamen's UMC Floor Systems can withstand chemical spillage and rigorous cleaning schedules with industrial and professional grade floor cleaning products.

Varying levels of slip-resistance can be had by incorporating different additives into the UMC System. Options include sand, anti-skid additive, and decorative quartz crystals. UMC is perfect for areas like commercial kitchens that frequently have wet floors, or other areas subject to spillage.

Because UMC behaves similarly to concrete it will not crack or peel from the floor's surface due to wide and rapid temperature changes. The types of conditions that are often found in breweries, commercial kitchens, and chemical and food processing factories.

Due to UMC's seamless design, there are no cracks or crevices for bacteria or fungus to hide and multiply. This feature is perfectly suited for food preparation and other industries that cannot tolerate bacterial and/or fungal contamination.

  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates - concrete, quarry tiles, and brick pavers.
  • Formulated for installation ease and quick turn around
  • Very low odor - can be used in occupied areas
  • Breathable flooring system - withstands high levels of moisture vapor transmission
  • Does not support fungus or bacteria
  • Excellent chemical and thermal shock resistance
  • Food processing areas
  • Production areas
  • Bottling areas
  • Cook/Chill areas
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Sanitize / Wash areas
  • Chemical processing areas
  • Loading / Unloading - plant vehicle areas

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