alkali resistant glass fiber mat

Fib-MAT is an alkali resistant glass fiber mat designed for use in the reinforcement of self leveling concrete mortars. It dissolves with water and assists in incorporation in cement mortar matrix. The mat has an open construction to allow penetration of cement mortar. Fib-MAT increases the tensile and flexural strength of self-leveling concrete products allowing to be installed over plywood substrates without the diamond metal / welded wire mesh reinforcement.

Fib-Mat fibers have a high elastic modulus and tensile strength making them ideal as an effective reinforcement for cement matrices. It will not corrode and ins not affected by UV radiation, making it suitable for use with minimal cover.

  • Alkali resistant, non-flammable glass fibers
  • Does not require any adhering or fastening
  • Allows thinner layers of concrete (~ ¼”)
  • Control of short and long-term cracking in the concrete
  • Fast and easy to incorporate – one step placement
  • Increases flexural strength of self-leveling concrete mortar
  • Safe and easy to handle
Electrical conductivity Very low Chemical Resistance Very high
Modulus of Elasticity 72GPa / 10 X 106PSI Tensile Strength of input 145 to 250 X 103PSI
VOC 0 (Zero) Solubility in water 2:30 (2 min. 30 sec.) according to internal method

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