EasySqueegee Blades

The EasySqueegee® Blades blades provide options to apply almost any coating from 4–60+ WFT Mils. The unique styles (Scalloped Notched and V-notched) provide the installer options in the field as to how to best accomplish the project. Blade packaging is color-coded for easy identification. Regardless of the task, the EasySqueegee will help you complete it with accuracy and efficiency. The EasySqueegee will also help drive down costs by being cleanable and reusable.

View our coatings coverage chart to help you determine the best blade type for use with a given project.

Coatings Coverage Chart

  • Midwest Rake® S550 Professional™
  • Gray / Non-Marking Rubber
  • Chemical & Abrasion Resistant
  • Flat Stiff Blade
  • General Purpose Applications

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