Stenciled Concrete Systems

create beautiful exterior textured concrete surfaces

This decorative concrete walkway was created with concrete stencils from DuraamenMany of the most beautiful and intricate decorative concrete flooring designs are created with the use of stencils. Design details and patterns, that are nearly impossible to create by hand, can be quickly achieved with the use of concrete stencils. Available in basic designs or custom computer-designed intricate patterns.

There are a great many stencils for decorative concrete available. Our most popular stencils reproduce the look of tile, brick, or stone. They require less time and effort to create a natural effect than the traditional method of stamping concrete. With stencils and one of our concrete overlays it’s easy to make attractive, budget friendly landscape features of driveways, footpaths and outdoor entertainment areas that stand the test of time.

How to use stencils: Choosing Adhesive or Nonadhesive Stencils?

Nonadhesive stencils are reusable. They require less effort to use on newly placed concrete and overlays as they can be pressed into the surface with a float or roller. The wet concrete / overlay serves as the adhesive keeping the stencil in place. For hardened surfaces, nonadhesive stencils must be spot-glued into position. While this makes these stencils a little more work to use on finished concrete, some contractors prefer them for their reusability.

Another concrete textured walkway also created with a concrete stencil from DuraamenAdhesive stencils, as the name suggests, contain an adhesive backing designed to adhere to the surface of the substrate. They require less effort to apply to hardened concrete, cured overlays and vertical surfaces as they don’t need to be spot-glued in place. Simply stick the stencil onto the surface and apply a finishing product by trowel or spray like you would normally. The stencil’s special adhesive keeps it in place during sandblasting and the application of overlays, dyes, stains or gels. Colored gels are great for use on vertical surfaces as they are less likely to run or drip during application.

Duraamen's Exterior Concrete Overlays

Both our Uberdek polymer-modified, concrete overlay and Skraffino Portland cement skim coat provide cost effective and durable solutions when compared to the cost of concrete replacement. They are engineered to be ultra-durable and versatile in their installation. For use on residential and commercial properties, our concrete overlays yield creative, decorative finishes that exceed the beauty of alternative concrete resurfacers and new concrete.

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How to Videos

Below is a video with Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute showing an effective method of stenciling concrete with a paper stencil and our Skraffino concrete overlay. To view the entire series click here.

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