Concrete Micro-toppings/Skim coats


Duraamen’s decorative concrete overlays are engineered to renew the surface of existing concrete without the cost and hassle of ripping it out and replacing it. Decorative concrete overlays (also known as concrete skim coats or micro toppings) give new life to old and worn, or new and imperfect existing concrete surfaces. We engineered our Skraffino Concrete Skim Coat, and Param SSL concrete topping to transform damaged, structurally sound concrete into a fresh canvas for whatever decorative concrete flooring you desire at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Even new concrete has imperfections, whether it is cracked, blemished or discolored. Repairing the concrete is one option, though the repairs themselves leave noticeable imperfections. If your plan is to install a decorative concrete floor, Skraffino concrete micro topping is the easy-to-install and cost effective solution you’ve been looking for.

Though cement-based overlays/micro toppings have been around for many years, today’s concrete overlays by Duraamen are a blend of advanced polymers, cement and other additives that vastly improve performance. These polymers were engineered to provide excellent adhesion to various substrates like VCT, gypsum, ceramic tiles, etc., with minimal amount of surface preparation along with excellent wear resistance and super-compatibility with integral coloring, as well as water and acid based stains.

Our concrete micro toppings can be used indoors and out. Skraffino can be applied extremely thin, as little as 1/16” (the thickness of a credit card), or several layers can be built up and textured with a broom or trowel. Popular uses for Skraffino include pool decks, patios, driveways and decorative interior applications for residential and commercial properties.

Duraamen’s Skraffino micro topping/skim coat is available in 3 grades: regular, fine and superfine. Each grade can be obtained in either white or gray. Not only can Skraffino be used over horizontal surfaces, it can also be used on vertical surfaces for textured walls, stairs, corridors and stairways. Skraffino is not only versatile, it is one of the most cost-effective and easiest to use concrete resurfacing solutions on the market. One of the greatest advantage of Skraffino concrete overlay is its ability to convert a gypsum based substrates into a beautiful concrete flooring.