Concrete Micro-toppings

Exterior / Interior

stampable overlay for stamped concrete

Pasto is a polymer modified stampable concrete overlay specifically designed for both interior ...

Exterior Concrete Resurfacing for broom or spray down finish

Uberdek is a single component polymer modified concrete formulated to resurface existing ...

concrete micro-topping, skim coat or micro cement

Skraffino is a Portland cement based concrete micro-topping or micro cement designed ...

There are a few options when it comes to enhancing exterior concrete. Polymer modified concrete overlays/micro toppings provide a cost effective and durable solution compared to the cost of concrete replacement. Duraamen’s Uberdek polymer modified concrete dressing/overlay and Skraffino micro topping are engineered to be ultra-durable in outdoor environments and versatile in their installation. For use on residential and commercial properties, both Uberdek and Skraffino yield creative, decorative finishes that surpass the look of new concrete and alternative types of exterior concrete resurfacers.

Uberdek and Skraffino are made from an advanced blend of specifically engineered polymers and cementitious material that provide wear-resistance and longevity that far surpasses other exterior concrete overlays. Both are single component concrete overlays that are easy to use. Just add water and mix on site.

Uberdek and Skraffino can be installed with a trowel, magic trowel or sprayed with a hopper gun. Various finishing techniques using a broom or trowel will enable a wide variety of textural options.

Skraffino micro topping/skim coat is available in 3 grades: regular, fine and superfine. Each grade can be obtained in either white or gray. Skraffino can be applied extremely thin, as little as 20mils (the thickness of a credit card).

Both Uberdek and Skraffino can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces, and accept all forms of concrete coloring. Popular uses for Uberdek polymer modified concrete and Skraffino micro topping include pool decks, patios, driveways, sidewalks, stairs, exterior entertainment areas and decorative finishing of exterior vertical surfaces.

Whatever your project, a broom finished sidewalk or a smooth and colorful decorative patio, Duraamen’s exterior concrete overlays will help you achieve outstanding results every time.

Contact a Duraamen representative to learn more about Uberdek and Skraffino including, cost, installation tips, and decorative concrete options.