The Best Warehouse Flooring is Polished Concrete Flooring.

Why we (Duraamen) used polished concrete flooring rather than traditional epoxy coatings in our NJ warehouse, and why most warehouse owners should too.

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Duraamen Engineered Products
Cranbury, NJ


Douglas Tabora
Douglas Decorative Concrete

Traditionally warehouse floors have been coated with epoxy. What was needed for this project was a longer-lasting solution with a high-end look. The idea was to create an attractive, durable, and safe floor with the appearance of polished concrete for the warehouse of this concrete floor product supplier.

Duraamen's warehouse now has a beautiful and durable hybrid polished concrete floor that is safer for its employees. The floor almost looks too good to belong in a warehouse.

Duraamen's new warehouse in Cranbury, NJ needed a high-end look that was durable and safe for its employees. Polished concrete would be perfect, but is polished concrete effective in warehouses?

Warehouse concrete floors are usually coated with epoxy—at least that's been the industry standard. Epoxy coatings create a cleanable concrete surface that looks nice. The problem some businesses run into as that epoxy coatings by themselves may not last under heavy forklift and foot traffic. Peeling and flaking may happen over time which leads to future expenses—resealing the floor or dealing with a floor that is an eyesore and no longer protects the concrete.

As it turns out, there is a process that can achieve the look of polished concrete and it's often cheaper and longer-lasting than epoxy coatings and other flooring solutions. This solution is sometimes called a "Hybrid Polished Concrete Floor." Hybrid polished concrete has the same amazing benefits of polished concrete without the high cost. Because there is no need for a mirror-like finish in a warehouse, there is no need for hours of grinding and polishing.


  • Polished concrete seals porous concrete as well or better than new epoxy
  • Polished concrete is more affordable than quality epoxy coatings
  • Concrete flooring is very low maintenance
  • Safe (slip resistant finish)
  • Zero VOC
  • Fast turn around
  • Contribute to LEED points

Because Duraamen polished concrete and concrete overlay products are known for their high-quality, contemporary style and trend-setting advancements towards ease of installation, they are used by contractors nationwide at comparable costs to other types of flooring.


$12–$14 sq. ft. ( ½” thick coverage)

Outside of New Jersey/New York City, hybrid polished concrete flooring costs about $8-$12 sq. ft. depending on your geographic location for concrete that is in good condition or new.

The cost of this flooring system (all products needed to complete the project) is even less if you’re willing to do-it-yourself: $4.50 - $5.00 sq. ft.

The cost is comparable to other types of flooring including:

  • Hardwood
  • Ceramic or Porcelain Tile
  • Commercial Carpet
  • Marble

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The Success:

Douglas Decorative Concrete created a beautiful and durable floor with the look of real polished concrete for a fraction of the price. Duraamen's New Jersey warehouse is now safer with the anti-slip flooring and looks high-end. Exactly what you would expect from a provider of professional-grade high-quality concrete flooring products.

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