The High-end Jewelry Retailer, Alex and Ani, Gets a Polished Concrete Floor for Their Flagship Store.

Successfully installing a polished concrete floor over a gypsum underlayment.

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Alex and Ani
High-end Jewery Retailer
Falgship Store in Providence, RI


Madstone Concrete
Tom Zilian

The 2,300 sq.ft. area was completed in 2013.

Create a glamourous high-gloss polished concrete floor for the jewelry retailer, Alex and Ani. Overcome the issue of installing the floor over a soft gypsum-based underlayment at a minimum of expense in time and money.

A beautiful high-shine floor as created that fits in the store's brand colors and really sets off the merchandise. The new floor withstands heavy foot traffic, is easy to maintain and veer low maintenance.

Madstone Concrete was supposed to polish an existing concrete floor in the flagship retail jewelry store, Alex & Ani. When the installers started grinding the concrete surface in preparation for polishing, the machine started grinding very deep into the surface. Tom Zilian of Madstone realized the substrate was not concrete but was in fact a gypsum-based underlayment. The gypsum was of very good quality, looked like concrete, but was much softer than concrete. On a gypsum-based substrate, the only option for installing a polished concrete floor is to use Skraffino—a cement-based microtopping.


Madstone installed 3 coats of Duraamen’s Skraffino microtopping. The first coat was regular grain Skraffino, followed by fine grain and lastly, super fine grain. This builds a tough, durable surface that is smooth and ready to accept epoxy coatings and the desired sheen of topcoat. The Skraffino was colored with our Colorfast integral coloring powders.

The floor was then sealed and glazed with Perdure E32 and Perdure E12. Our Perdure products are epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic lines of coatings, primers and sealers engineered for professional-grade concrete flooring projects. There is a wide range of Perdure products to choose from so that no matter what the job requirements are we have a product that will fill the need.

In this case, Perdure E32, a water-based epoxy sealer/primer, was used to ready the surface for the application of Perdure E12. E12 is an epoxy glaze that provides a durable high-shine surface.

Lastly, all of the previous work was sealed with Perdure U50. U50 is a chemically resistant polyurethane topcoat. It provides years of protection from harsh chemical cleaners and heavy foot traffic.

View the Installing Concrete Microtoppings Over Gypsum video Series


$4.50 - $5.00 sq. ft.
Includes all products needed to complete the project.

To have a professional install polished concrete flooring with a concrete microtopping the cost is approximately $12.00sq.ft. Installer costs may vary by geographic location due to varying labor costs.

The cost is comparable to other types of flooring including:

  • Hardwood
  • Ceramic or Porcelain Tile
  • Commercial Carpet
  • Marble

The Success:

The Alex and Ani store in Providence, RI now has an incredible-looking, low-maintenance polished concrete floor in spite of the fact their gypsum subfloor was not able to be polished.

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